Donate now to help protect children in our community.  image

Donate now to help protect children in our community.

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Please help support families in your community today!

Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale/Newton exists to prevent child abuse in Rockdale and Newton Counties through awareness, education, and collaboration. PCA Rockdale/Newton provides parent education programs which empower parents and, as a result, reduces the number of abused children and creates stronger, more nurturing families. We are committed to ensuring that all children grow up in safe, loving, nurturing environments free from all forms of abuse, neglect and violence. The role we serve in our community is as the primary and premier provider of parent education programs in our area.

21% of children in Rockdale & Newton Counties live in poverty. The rise in child poverty rates and single-parent households in our county and surrounding counties is a stark reality in which underscores the urgency of our mission. Every child needs a supportive environment to ensure his or her healthy growth and development. However, research has shown that even when family income is held constant, families living in areas of concentrated poverty are more likely to struggle to meet their children's basic material needs. They are more likely to face food hardship, have trouble paying their household costs, and lack health insurance than those living in more affluent areas. Children living in areas of concentrated poverty are also more likely to experience harmful levels of stress and severe behavioral and emotional problems than children overall living in affluent areas. The stress and emotional turmoil these children endure demand our immediate attention.

We humbly ask for your help to support these families in need. Your generosity can provide crucial services such as emergency assistance, life skills classes, and information and referral services. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these families.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will make an incredible impact. It's an investment in the future of our community and the well-being of our children.

$25 - $50 - pays for diapers & wipes for a family

$50 - $100 - pays for gas/Lyft cards which will provide emergency transportation assistance in order for a parent to get to work

$100 - $500 - will assist in helping to keep a family's heat on this winter

$500 - $1,000 - will assist in stocking our Resource Center with baby beds, swaddles, and much-needed baby items for the families we serve.

Other ways to donate - You can mail a check to -

Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale

P. O. Box 81025

Conyers, GA 30013